Agent Coulson

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Phillip Coulson
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Agent Coulson
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Robert Coulson (father, deceased), Julie Coulson (mother, deceased)
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Government agent
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Espionage training, military training

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SHIELD agent
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Boston, MA
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Quote1 Do you understand the power you have here? Not the power to punch someone in the face and send them flying away, but the power to inspire people to be more than what they are. And that is not something a little group does, Mr. Stark. Quote2
-- Phil Coulson src 

Early life

Phillip Coulson was born to Robert and Julie Coulson, with the former being a war veteran and a fan of Captain America. Phillip didn't initially share his father's views, actually going as far as mocking them, but after 9/11, he understood what heroes meant not only to his father, but to the population in general. He later joined SHIELD to bring forward some change to the world.

Entering the superhero world

Coulson was assigned by Nick Fury to contact the team that had been formed by the superheroes of New York, with an offer: SHIELD would finance the team's operations, and in return, the team would occasionally do missions for them. Not all of the Justice Avengers accepted his offer, which meant he was sent after more assets to recruit to SHIELD's side. On one day, he found Loki Laufeyson, Moon Knight and Booster Gold, immediately offering them a place in SHIELD after seeing their potential to do good. With this small group (sans Booster Gold), he helped protect the Xavier Academy from a Sentinel attack, going as far as taking one of the Sentinels, Nimrod, to SHIELD headquarters. Later that day, he was sent after a mysterious signal on the New York mall, which turned out to be a memory-less Odin. He helped fight back the Dark Elf Invasion, and offered to help Gold of the Metal Men. Although she rejected his offer and acted as Dawn, a normal human, Coulson found a way to track her, so he could do so in the future.


A charismatic man, Coulson has a way of talking to others, often using all the words he can use to make others see the world the way he sees it. Even in the face of danger, Coulson maintains a calm facade, having a constant smile on his lips. He only abandons the 'cool secret agent' persona when near his friends orwhen it is time to battle. Coulson believes in the system and the morals it uphold, and will not hide his disdain for those who break the rules. He is a nostalgic man and a superfan of Captain America, and will not lose a chance to geek over his favorite superhero.


  • Deadpool: Coulson has a past with Deadpool, having taken multiple missions with him as field agents. As such, even as others might dismiss the merc as a madman, Coulson knows what he really can do and is ready to put his money where his mouth is when it comes to defending Deadpool. He respects the merc, but his 'antics' often get the best of Coulson's temper.
  • Loki Laufeyson: Coulson sees Loki as a chess partner, trying his best to seem like a more than average man so he may capture the god's interest and tempt him to join his side. This leads to Coulson adopting a different personality when around him, trying his best to have one step ahead of him.
  • Moon Knight: Much like all his other assets, Coulson sees the potential in Moon Knight, considering his origin story. However, when faced with Spector's cowardice, Coulson can't help but feel disappointed, as all that potential is being wasted because of cold feet. However, that doesn't mean he has given up on Spector, and is ready to help him regain his confidence.
  • Booster Gold: Unlike his other assets, Coulson feels uneasy when near Booster Gold, fearing that the man's recklessness combined with his knowledge of future events can lead to disastrous events. As such, he's always keeping an eye on Gold, to make sure that he never steps out of line and committ a mistake, even when he claims that he has everything under control.
  • Tony Stark: Even though Coulson hasn't spent much time in Stark's company, it is clear he respects him, considering how he was the one he approached when trying to contact the Justice Avengers. He sees Tony as a great leader, even if he doesn't want to admit that he is one, and is ready to try and get on the millionaire's good side, knowing that a bond of friendship with him will become extremely valuable in the future.
  • Nick Fury: Coulson holds the utmost respect for Fury, as one would logically have for their boss, but he's always ready to defend his assets and the people he believes in, even if said defense might cost him his job.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • S.H.I.E.L.D. Training:
    • Martial Artist: Agent Coulson is highly trained in the field of hand to hand combat.
    • Expert Marksman: Agent Coulson is trained in the use of conventional firearms and weapons.
    • Expert Tactician: He is a very effective strategist, tactician, and field commander. For the reason he was given the job of liason between SHIELD and the Justice Avengers.



  • Lola, a modified 1962 Chevrolet Corvette with hover capabilities.


  • Guns, pocket explosive device and a taser.
  • Night-Night Pistol, an advanced tranquilizer.


  • Coulson knows a lot about mythologies, having guessed Loki's true identity by his surname and its connection to Nordic mythology.


  • This version of the character is based mainly on the Phil Coulson from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with a different backstory to fit this new universe.
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