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Robbie Reed
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see list
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his Aunt Ana
Information-silk Base Of Operations
formerly Littleville, Colorado; currently Jump city, California
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high school student
Information-silk Education
Littleville Elementary and High School, Jump City High school

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wears glasses
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found the Hero Dial
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United States of America
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First appearance


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-- Robbie Reed src 

The Heroes of Littleville

Robby Reed was your typical nerdy teenager, more interested in science than girls. Then one day, while hiking near his hometown, he was trapped in a cave by a mysterious landslide. While searching for a way out, he found a strange object resembling a rotary phone disk, with strange symbols that he somehow was able to figure out where letters. Impulsively dialing H-E-R-O on it, he found himself transforming into a super hero! Using his new powers, he escaped the cave, then found out he could change back to normal dialing hero backwards (O-R-E-H) on the dial. He decided to keep the dial a secret, and started using it to catch criminals and save people around town (though this created a mystery of why there were so many heroes, none of which appeared more than once, on such a place.)

Moving to the Big City

Eventually, Robbie decided to go live with his Aunt Ana on Jump City, for two reasons: first, to take advantage of its superior education centers (Littleville was just not enough for someone of his intellect) but mainly in the hopes of meeting other superheroes. He got his wish when he found himself working with the various heroes who would become the Justice Avengers West team. He also got to work with Zatanna to defeat Mister Mxyzptlk, gaining a pet dog in the process.

One day however, he was surprised when his old school rival, Suzie Shoemaker, also arrived in town- and even more shocked when she revealed she knew his secret! It turns out she had seen him transform once, and now demanded that he share the dial with her or she would tell his aunt his secret. Grudgingly he accepted. Still, they eventually got along well, and in fact grew attracted to each other, though neither would admit it. It wasn't until Suzie was transformed into Red Sonja and her inhibitions were released, that she came to control her emotions better, and now the two are growing closer.


Robbie is an intellectual; he tries to think things through as much as possible before doing them. However he doesn't always have the time to do so, and might come across as indecisive.

He's not good at expressing his feelings, which is another thing that slowed his relation with Suzie.

Robbie is a big fan of superheroes, particularly classic ones like The (original) Flash and Marvel Boy.


Robbie and Suzie were friendly rivals since childhood, due to being the two smartest kids in class (plus a little unresolved sexual tension.) Now they are good hero partners and are falling in love.

Robbie also cares a lot for his Aunt Ana, but so far has not trusted her with his secret, afraid she will not approve.

He adopted Tip, a stray dog that helped him defeat Mxyzptlk.

Speaking of whom, the imp from the 5th dimension has sworn revenge on him for defeating him twice now.

As for the other heroes, Robbie wanted to form a team with them from the start but Suzie not getting along with them prevented it.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Superhero Identities: Using the Hero Dial, Robbie turns into a random new superhero each time, complete with different name, costume, appearance, powers and even (sometimes) gender and age! He has no way to know what he will become, and so far no form has ever been repeated. To change back to normal, he must dial O-R-E-H.

List of Superidentities: To be filled in later.


Science Knowledge: While hardly a genius, Robbie has a higher-than-average IQ and a good knowledge of (High school level) sciences.

Superhero Trivia: = Robbie knows a lot of facts about superheroes and villains (that are already available on the internet and such sources, not secrets like their identities.)

Strength level

Robbie is a rather unathletic teenager in his normal form, though this varies in his super forms.


Usually none, but some of his super forms may have some.



The Hero Dial, his glasses.


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In the comics, Robbie (or half of him) was secretly The Wizard, who gave Chris King and Victoria Grant their own Hero Dials. His other half became their enemy, The Master!

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