The Hero Duo

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The Hero Duo
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Jump City
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Found the Hero Dial.
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Jump City
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The Hero Dial

The dial is a device of unknown origin. It was found by Robbie when he was lost in a cave while on a hiking expedition near his hometown of Littleville, Colorado. After finding he could use it become a (random) superhero every time he dialed it, he used it to safeguard the town for several months before he moved to Jump City to attend its high school.

Moments in the Team's History

Unknown to Robbie, Suzie had discovered his secret when she saw him transform once. She arranged to move to Jump City as well and confronted him, basically demanding that he share the dial with her. Grudgingly he accepted, though she proved to be a good partner.

Robbie and Suzie are friends (and rivals) since childhood, and this carried over into their recent relationship. Secretly, they were attracted to each other though neither one would admit it to each other. After the incident in Halloween when Suzie was transformed into the barbarian Red Sonja, she has come to deal with the impulsive side of her nature, and now the two get along much better.



  • The Hero Dial: a device that transforms those who dial H-E-R-O on it into a new superhero every time. To change back, they must dial O-R-E-H.

Transportation: none.
Weapons: none.


  • No special notes.


Ironically, in the comics Robbie and Suzie never worked together; she used the dial by herself once or twice. It was their successors, Chris King and Victoria Grant, who worked as a team (with dials of their own.)


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